5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business Today

Written by KayKelso

January 18, 2022

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The business scene gets busy fast.

As a business owner it’s your job to take steps to grow your business even if it’s implementing just one action a day, a week or even a month. Which is why I’ve created this short list of action steps that you can implement today to get your business going in the direction of growth. Target, implement and watch your business work for you.


1. Believe you can grow your business.

This first step may come as a surprise to you, but when running a business believing you can is essential for optimal growth and success. Our minds have to believe we can first then the “do” will follow. Remember the saying, “The game is 90% mental and 10% physical.” Having a positive attitude, concentration and determination is key in reaching your business goals. If we believe we can grow, we will grow. 

ACTION STEP: Start by visualizing the direction in which you want your business to go.Write down a dollar figure or achievement you want your business to reach. Then work backwards routing the steps it will take to reach that goal. Remember to choose something realistic for the lifestyle you are living and make it specific as you can. Reference it everyday to keep you motivated.

Do you believe your business can grow?


2. Clarify your business message.

This second step probably sounds too simple, but sadly most businesses, especially ones starting out, are missing this important step entirely. They are usually too focused on making their business look good and positioning themselves as the hero of their business that the customer can’t find what’s in it for them. When clarifying your business’s message you want to position yourself as the guide — not the hero. Be crystal clear in exactly what you offer and support that by showing your audience how you fix their problems with you guiding them along the way. If they only know you can fly from building to building but don’t know that you can pick them up, they will watch you in awe as they wait for the next company to get them to their next building top.

ACTION STEP: Start by displaying your clear message in the first text of your website or landing page as well as your business cards. Make it clear and concise guiding them easily to their next course of action – sign me more!

Clarify your message and broadcast it to your audience.


3. Be consistent with your business.

This third step is also often missed. Starter-uppers get busy or rush to start their business creating a decision making process on the fly. Did you know that the top business leaders have their own set of rules known as a Brand Guide to direct how their business looks, acts and reacts, outlines their ideal customer, etc? Having this incredible tool helps businesses be consistent in their markets, enhancing their clear message. Think — Brand is Brain — for your public relations, marketing, advertising and sales. Copy and design must always be based on your brand guide. Having a brand guide puts a system in place so that you are ready to design multiple designers, copy writers, etc.

ACTION STEP: Start by creating your own set of rules. Choose colors, fonts, personality, etc., for your brand by writing them down and referencing them when creating new content for your business. Be sure to share them with your team to consistently streamline your business. When you are ready be sure to hire a professsional like KayKelso.com to ensure this process is off on the right foot.

Make your business work for you.


4. Create a one-liner for your business

For many, this is a new step in today’s business world. Creating a one liner is the new and improved way of answering “What do you do?”. It’s more than a tagline or slogan that you may be used to hearing about. An one-liner is a clear concise 1-2 sentences statement that explains to your audience what you offer and why they need what you offer. Your one-liner should identify the customer, help them overcome their problem and give them a plan or promised solution to a better life.

ACTION STEP: Take a few minutes now and write your one-liner. Then memorize it! If you have employees, have them memorize it as well.

Make it easy for everyone to know your business.


5. Add credibility and authority to your business

Last but just as important as the rest is adding credibility and authority to your website and advertising materials. Add testimonials were applicable. A variety of three strong, short testimonies is all you need to let your customers speak for you. Include their name, website if applicable and photo to validate them. You can also add statistics to quantify your company’s success. This often comes down the road so don’t feel like you have to have some stats if you don’t have any. However, keep them in mind when opportunity presents itself to collect them. Other ways to strengthen your position is adding your awards in the industry on your page or adding known business logos to your homepage that you’ve done business with or are recognized by.

ACTION STEP: Start by answering this question “What are your customers saying about your business?”.

Spread the answers around your content.


And there you have it – five simple steps to grow your business that you can implement today! I get it, finding time to work on your business is not always convenient, but you will thank yourselves for finding the time! Start with step one and work it in. Enable your business to grow and it will.

Looking to grow your business faster? Let’s chat! 

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